About the HBA

In 1948, this professional trade association was organized to help local builders and associate businesses involved in construction to better contend with their problems through collective action. Relationships with city and county planning commissions, problems dealing with community facilities, building codes, mortgage finance, etc., have been a matter of constant concern.

We’ve stimulated home ownership and business activity for the entire community through such promotions as the Siouxland Home Show, Parade of Homes, Project Home (the building of a home with much of the labor being done by WIT’s carpentry and electrical classes).

Our monthly general membership programs have greatly increased the knowledge of builders and associates, enabling them to better meet their needs and those of the consumer.

We publish a monthly publication which contains articles of interest and pictures of various events. We also represent the industry at the state and national levels. Upon joining this Association a member becomes affiliated with their respective state association and the National Association of Home Builders.

NAHB is composed of more than 160,000 members in over 800 affiliated organizations across the country and serves as our watchman on all national legislation. Services in many areas are provided through the combined efforts of our local, state and national associations, from the fellowship and exchange of ideas generated at local meetings, to the availability of specialized technical information from NAHB.

If you would like to become a part of our organization please contact us by email at office@siouxlandhba.com or 712-255-3852, or fill out an application by clicking on the following link:

HBAofGS Membership Application