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Can a Funky Green Thing Help Improve the Safety of House Framing?

“A funky, green thing that looks like a shark” is how one 2019 International Builders’ Show (IBS) attendee described TrussLox, the bracing system that won the 2018 SAFE Award for Innovative Safety Program/Idea of the Year.

The product, from new company TrussLox, is a temporary bracing system designed to set and secure roof trusses 24 inches on-center. What’s the safety angle? It is intended to replace the need to have a worker manually secure trusses by nailing in temporary blocks. Roof trusses are raised into place by a crane, and TrussLox glides over the previously set truss and locks into place.

The TrussLox system was Developed by Steve Ventling, a contractor and inventor since 1976. After using other temporary truss braces on the market, Ventling recognized a potential market for a new product. He focused his efforts on creating a reliable, lightweight, durable and reusable tool that would easily brace trusses.

Ventling’s TrussLox Temporary Spreader Bar was eventually awarded a patent.

TrussLox also claims to save builders time and money by making the trussing process quicker and more efficient, reducing the number of workers and crane time. The market will sort out those claims, but the safety aspects of the product do seem clear.

By eliminating the need for a free-moving worker to place and secure blocks, fall risk has been greatly reduced.

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